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Personal Service,   Integrity and Compassion. Breaking the cliche of attorney.

a personal relationship

 There is value in knowing your attorney -- being able to see her face when you explain your problem or express your wishes.  Seeing that she understands and wants to give you help.  You are entited to a helping hand and intelligent, honest, and compassionate advice.

Law Office of Celia A. Barlow


Throughout the life of your business, you have opportunities and changes.  Doors will open and close for you.  Having a trusted advisor personally  explain the journey is necessary.  Be wise and be prepared.  




You've worked so hard., but how do you protect what you have and your loved ones?  How do you ensure your wishes are honored when you cannot speak for yourself?  Don't assume, take the time to  speak with a profeesional who has more than 20 years of planning experience.


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